Erik has been doing podcasts for a while now, Bibliodiscoteque and then the The Novel Sound, just to name a couple. Those podcasts ran for years before Erik closed that chapter and transitioned to the Cut-X-Cut format.

Being a bibliophile and an audiophile, he merged his love for the two mediums together by making soundtracks and odes to books and graphic novels as he read them. He made it all the way to episode 99 of The Novel Sound before he hung those lederhosen, indefinitely, out to dry.

Or so we thought at the time… These days, from time-to-time, when a piece of literature compels him to do so, Erik dusts off his novel-sound-chaps, and whips up a playlist so sweet even Willy Wonka would get diabetes if he listened too closely*.

*The Novel Sound and Cut X Cut podcast and all affiliated are not responsible for any sudden change in the the health of its listeners. Please consult a doctor before listening. All sales are final. Audiens cave, caute procedere.

This page collects the Cut-X-Cut era of The Novel Sound podcasts.

Enjoy and on behalf of Erik and The Novel Sound:

Rage well.

The Novel Sound 100 – My Heroes Have Always Been Junkies
The Novel Sound 101 – Mondo Ball Drop
The Novel Sound 102 – Punk for Nothing
The Novel Sound 103 – Modesty Blaise