SEASON 5 – The Topic Engine 2.0

Welcome to Season 5 of Cut X Cut Podcast.

We’re setting a precedent with Season 5. After we spend several weeks discussing one particular album in depth, we like to mix it up a bit and cover some breadth, you know, in case some of you didn’t care for the band or album just dissected in great detail.  In this case Season 4 was the Beastie Boys’ sophomore album, Paul’s Boutique. So Erik and Kris are dusting off the complex computing machine, making some tweaks and updates, to bring you The Topic Engine 2.0.

Our topics will be posted (just below on this page) as far in advance as possible. Please feel free to send us your recommendations for interesting topics and related songs as well to cutxcutpodcast/at/gmail/com.

We’re also simultaneously starting a new project that will also be featured through this podcast channel, Radio Free Alderaan: Real Rebel Radio.

Subscribe now via iTunesitunes_12-2_logo or Podbean podbean so that you don’t miss a thing, and be sure to leave us a review!

As always, send us any and all thoughts, comments, and praise via e-mail. We appreciate any and all feedback to keep this Cut X Cut Podcast as entertaining and interesting as possible.

Erik and Kris

Episode 55 – TOPIC: I’m Okay, You’re Not Okay! (26 FEB 2019)
Episode 56 – TOPIC: 1966 (ETA 26 MAR 2019)

BONUS Episodes:
Radio Free Alderaan – Lando (05 MAR 2019)
Winter Mixtape – Punk for Something (12 MAR 2019)
Radio Free Alderaan – Bossk (19 MAR 2019)

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