SEASON 4 – Beastie Boys ‘Paul’s Boutique’ (October 2018)

We’re returning to our Season 1 roots for this next season where we’re dissecting, digesting and discussing the Beastie Boys’ sophomore album ‘Paul’s Boutique’ one track at a time.

Erik suggests it’s one of the most important albums of all time. Kris has never listened to the Beastie Boys on purpose.

This will be fun.
Tune in FALL 2018.
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Episode 40 – Welcome to Beastie Boys’ Paul’s Boutique (Mixed; FALL 2018)
Episode 41 – “To All the Girls” (Mixed; FALL 2018)
Episode 42 – “Shake Your Rump” (Recorded; FALL 2018)
Episode 43 – “Johnny Ryall” (Recorded; FALL 2018)
Episode 44 – “Egg Man” (Recording Soon; FALL 2018)
Episode 45 – “High Plains Drifter” (Recording Soon; FALL 2018)
Episode 46 – “The Sounds of Science” (Recording Soon; FALL 2018)
Episode 47 – “3-Minute Rule” (Recording Soon; FALL 2018)
Episode 48 –  “Hey Ladies” (Recording Soon; FALL 2018)
Episode 49 – “5-Piece Chicken Dinner” (Recording Soon; WINTER 2018)
Episode 50 –  “Looking down the Barrel of a Gun” (Recording Soon; WINTER 2018)
Episode 51 –  “Car Thief” (Recording Soon; WINTER 2018)
Episode 52 – “What Comes Around” (Recording Soon; WINTER 2018)
Episode 53 –  “Shadrach” (Recording Soon; WINTER 2018)
Episode 54 –  “Ask for Janice” (Recording Soon; WINTER 2018)
Episode 55 –  “B-Boy Bouillabaisse” (Recording Soon; WINTER 2018)

BONUS Episodes:


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