SEASON 3 – A Bit More Pop

Welcome to Season 3 of Cut X Cut Podcast.

As you, dear veteran listener, have been made aware of, Erik and Kris are mostly inclined toward indie rock music.  For Season 3 your hosts have decided to put their musical predispositions on the shelf and discuss all things ‘Pop.’

The overarching question and theme that Erik and Kris will discuss is “Can Pop Music Change/Save the World?”

Please join us within, hear our thoughts and decide for yourself.

As always, send us any and all thoughts, comments, and praise via e-mail. We appreciate any and all feedback to keep this Cut X Cut Podcast as entertaining and interesting as possible.

Erik and Kris

Episode 27 – The Unseen Power of POP (03 APR 2018)
Episode 28 – Love, Hate, Golf and Left Shark (10 APR 2018)
Episode 29 – Cut X Country (17 APR 2018)
Episode 30 – Skiba-rama (24 APR 2018)
Episode 31 – The Soul of a Skiba (01 MAY 2018)
Episode 32 – NYC ’80s Hardcore (08 MAY 2018)

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