SEASON 2 – The Topic Engine

Welcome to Season 2 of Cut X Cut Podcast.

We’re mixing it up a bit and taking a different approach.  Some of the listener feedback we’ve received is that 13 weeks is a lot of time if you don’t like ‘Band’ or ‘Album.’

So after some deliberation and consideration we’ve come up with a new format that will maximize the breadth of music we discuss: a ‘random topic’ will be selected and we will select songs to discuss that fit their interpretation of the topic.  We will play and discuss a listener submitted track each episode as well… the listener submitted track does not necessarily have to fit the topic.  Bonus cred and fist bumps if it does!

Our topics will be posted (just below on this page) as far in advance as possible. Please feel free to send us your recommendations for interesting topics and related songs as well to cutxcutpodcast/at/gmail/com.

As always, send us any and all thoughts, comments, and praise via e-mail. We appreciate any and all feedback to keep this Cut X Cut Podcast as entertaining and interesting as possible.

Erik and Kris

Episode 14 – TOPIC: This Sucks! (19 DEC 2017)
Episode 15 – TOPIC: Rated-Xmas (26 DEC 2017)
Episode 16 – TOPIC: Boots, Drugs and Mythical Beasts (02 JAN 2018)
Episode 17 – TOPIC: New Year, New You (09 JAN 2018)
Episode 18 – TOPIC: Make-out Summer (16 JAN 2018)
Episode 19 – TOPIC: 1988 (23 JAN 2018)
Episode 20 – TOPIC: Wake Up! (30 JAN 2018)
Episode 21 – TOPIC: Words Words Words (06 FEB 2018)
Episode 22 – TOPIC: Not My Typcial Jam (13 FEB 2018)
Episode 23 – TOPIC: DOOM! Part 1 (20 FEB 2018)
Episode 24 – Tea With the Queen is Dead (27 FEB 2018)
Episode 23.5 – TOPIC: DOOM! Part 2 (06 MAR 2018)
Episode 25 – TOPIC: Slow and Low (13 MAR 2018)
Episode 26 – Season 2 Finale: The Big Takeover (20 MAR 2018)

Bonus Episodes:
Bonus Episode – St. Patrick’s Day Massacre
Bonus Episode – Season 2 Mixtape


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