Radio Free Alderaan, Real Rebel Radio

In a galaxy far far ago, rebels fought a great war in the stars against a vast imperial army. Rebel radio hosts were sent to the planet Alderaan to build morale for the rebel soldiers. Their strategy: keep ’em rocking. Their problem: staying beyond the reach of the evil Empire.

Every other week, CUTXCUT and RadioMutation will host RADIO FREE ALDERAAN, a mixtape for the characters of the Star Wars universe. From soul to funk and metal to punk, Erik and Kris share their fascination with sci-fi’s most beloved space opera by playing host to soundtracks that speak to their favorite characters. This is Real Rebel Radio. This is Radio Free Alderaan.

RFA: Lando Calrissian (05 MAR 2019)
RFA: Bossk (19 MAR 2019)
RFA: Maz Kanata (02 APR 2019)
RFA: Anakin Skywalker (16 APR 2019)
RFA: Greedo (30 APR 2019)
RFA: Chewbacca (07 MAY 2019)
RFA: Bail Organa (ETA 21 MAY 2019)

rfalando cxcbossk mazep_300x300 rfaanakin cxcrfagreedo cxchewbacca

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