Summer Mixtape – Ignore Erik’s Orders

Season 3 – A Bit More Pop
Summer Mixtape – Ignore Erik’s Orders

It’s the last episode of the summer and I (KrisXcut) am here to narrate you through this dream of yours, already in progress.

Also, you have discovered your body is host to a demon named Leonard. We’re very sorry to be the bearer of bad news but we’re not exorcists… so it looks like Leonard is not going away any time soon.

On the bright side, Leonard seems more interested in learning about ridiculous United States laws that are still on the books, as opposed to devouring your soul and casting you to eternal damnation.

Yes, this is a dream.

Songs within:
nothington – hopeless
greg laswell – comes and goes (in waves)
the drowning men – rita
liar’s academy – kamikaze
the gamits – how to escape
from autumn to ashes – no trivia
88 fingers louie – slow chorus overlap
the break – the meaning of regret
i hate myself – to a husband at war
brendan kelley and the wandering birds – your mother
screaching weasel – supermarket fantasy
bear vs. shark – second
samiam – capsized
nofx – i’m a transvest-lite
gameface – song
leatherface – eat her face
errortype 11 – collecting dust
jeff rosenstock – hellllhoooole

Also special thanks to The House of Wild Delights podcast and Radio Mutation, I featured a portion of HoWD: Episode 53 in this episode without permission, please go check out The Screamin’ Soul Preacher and his House of Wild Delights post haste! Thanks to the folks and their audience for keeping us in your ears.

Tracks from HoWD:
bassholes – cockroach blues
steve and the holidays – unemployment

Background music:
heavens – unfinished instrumental tracks

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Thanks again for listening.


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Season 3 – A Bit More Pop

Summer Mixtape – Ignore Erik’s Orders


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