Ignore Alien Orders 6: The Age of the Moth

Season 3 – A Bit More Pop
Ignore Alien Orders 6 – The Age of the Moth

The time has come for the summer’s final Ignore Alien Orders.
All hail Pirahnana, the frenzy toothed god!
Summer will never be the same again.

These are the songs Erik chose to play:
Gang of Four – Damaged Goods
Otoboke Beaver – Love is Short
The Mobbs – Jolly Good!
Wild Billy Childish – I Believe
Wild Billy Childish & The Blackhands – Anarchy in the UK
Holly Golightly – Seven Wonders
Thee Dagger Debs – Mr. Clean
The Pop Rivets – lambrettavespascooter
CTMF – Thatcher’s Children
The Spivs – Flickin V’s
Bo Diddley – Bad Side of the Moon
Thee Headcoatees – Davey Crockett
Armitage Shanks – Barry Rutter’s Poison Darts Club Band
El Vez – Esta Bien Mamacita
The Singing Loins – Cheer Up!
Helen Love – Shut Your Mouth
Wild Billy Childish & the Musicians of the British Empire – I’m Depressed
Pete Molinari – I Don’t Like the Man I Am
Downliners Sect – Sect Appeal
Miss Ludella Black – I’m Not Going to Cry
Holly Golightly & The Brokeoffs – Goddamn Holly Roll
Thee Mighty Caesars – Wiley Coyote
Sonic Boom & Spectrum – Indian Summer
The Buffets – Punk Rock Ist Nicht Tot

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Season 3 – A Bit More Pop

Ignore Alien Orders 6 – The Age of the Moth


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