Ignore Alien Orders 5: We All Gotta Die

Season 3 – A Bit More Pop
Ignore Alien Orders 5 – We All Gotta Die

As Morphine says, “Don’t worry about the dayglo orange life preserver…it won’t save you”.

Summer is here and as Mercury goes retrograde, shark week draws to its inevitable end, the solstice strikes, and we get our bodies ready for Cult Season, its time for some tunes to remind us that time is fleeting.

Songs heard in this episode:
warsaw – warsaw
the police – nothing achieving
andrew jackson jihad – hate, rain on me
social distortion – telling them
reverend beat man – today is a beautiful day
blind butcher – apocalyptica blues
screamin’ jay hawkins – yellow coat
tom waits – the soul of a man
guadalupe plata – cementario
congregation – don’t pay no mind
andre williams – the monkey speaks his mind
sonny boy williamson – your funeral and my trial
gino washington – three time loser
brown bird – sickle and hood
descendents – bikage
morphine – sharks patrol these waters
wussy – ceremony
the trouble – insight

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Season 3 – A Bit More Pop

Ignore Alien Orders 5 – We All Gotta Die


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