Summer Mixtape – Dozens in a Lifetime

Season 3 – A Bit More Pop
Summer Mixtape – Dozens in a Lifetime

KrisXcut loves connections, whether they be simple and obvious or deep and less obvious, he even loves connections that are completely contrived and arbitrary.

This episode is all about bands connected by their members, or former members in most cases.  The songs in this episode are all by bands that share at least one member with at least one other band also in this mixtape.

The band serving as the trunk of this musical family tree is the band Lifetime from New Brunswick, New Jersey.

In this episode you heard:
lifetime – irony is for suckers
none more black – dinner’s for suckers
zero zero – back to hell
paint it black – the fine are of falling apart
paint it black – atheists in foxholes
miss tk and the revenge – red lites
kid dynamite – 3 o’clock
the loved ones – 100k
open city – a condition worth a mention
dave hause – same disease
mitylion – you lost me
former member – prospector
the all brights – midwest f*@k me
beach rats – lonely for the night
lifetime – records at nite

Background music:
talking heads – once in a lifetime

Thanks to the folks and their audience for keeping us in your ears.

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Season 3 – A Bit More Pop

Summer Mixtape – Dozens in a Lifetime


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