Episode 35 – Ignore Alien Orders

Season 3 – A Bit More Pop
Episode 35 – Ignore Alien Orders

Inspired by the tv show LEGION and the late DJ Mr. Mark of WMUH, Erik is riding solo this week and dipping into the psychedelic. For best results, play on headphones after a good meal of fruits, veggies and carbs.

Songs included within:
David Bowie – All the Madmen
Guided By Voices – Postal Blowfish
King Tuff -Stupid Superstar
Jonathan Bee – You’re So Cool
Cream – Tales of Brave Ulysses
True Widow – Skull Eyes
The Ears – The Crater
The Black Angels – Sniper at the Gates of Heaven
Timber Timbre – Demon Host
The Dead Brothers – Les Pampillons Noirs
Dax Riggs – The Terror of Nightlife
Galaxy 500 – Hearing Voices
Cat Power – Werewolf
Jeff Russo – Choir and Crickets
Daniel Johnston – I Had Lost My Mind
Beck – Teenage Wastebasket
Patti Smith – Within You Without You
Joe Strummer – Mega Bottle Ride
Lisa Hannigan – Oh! You Pretty Things
John Legend – Who Did That To You

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Season 3 – A Bit More Pop

Episode 35 – Ignore Alien Orders


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